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CBD Candles and the benefits of aromatherapy - Oxocan

CBD Candles and the benefits of aromatherapy

The history of candles

Candles have been around for thousands of years. The earliest surviving candles originate from Han, China 200 BCE. These candles were first produced from whale fat. Tallow and bee-wax candles were most commonly used by the Romans about 500 BCE.

The early Greeks used candles to honour the goddess Artemis's birth on the sixth day of every lunar month. The tradition of candles on top of the birthday cake was invented by the Greeks. In India, wax was extracted by boiling cinnamon. This was exclusively used for the temple service. In England and France, candle making had become a guild craft by the 13th century. The Tallow Chandlers Company of London was formed in about 1300 in London, and by 1456 was granted a coat of arms. In 1415, tallow candles were used in street lighting and the first candle mould come from the 15th century in Paris. 

By the 18th century, the whaling industry evolved very quickly, and a byproduct was uncovered, namely the spermaceti, an oil that comes from the cavity of the head of the sperm whale. This was widely used for candle making, and like beeswax, spermaceti wax did not create a repugnant odour when burned and produced a significantly brighter light. In the 1800s less expensive alternatives were discovered, the colza oil, derived from Brassica campestris, and a similar oil derived from rapeseed, yielded candles that produce clear smokeless flames. Like tallow, this was derived from animals but had no glycerine content.

Despite advances in candle-making processes, the candle industry declined rapidly upon the introduction of superior methods of lighting, including kerosene and lamps. From that point on, candles become more of a decorative item for most people. 

Introducing Oxocan CBD candles

Most people see candles as their loyal companions for their therapy. At Oxocan we strongly believe in using 100% natural ingredients in all of our products, and this is at the core of our business. Our two CBD candles are 100% natural and they contain the highest quality of natural essential oils and CBD available on the market.

They contain no artificial, synthetic or chemical binders. This is so that the candles burn evenly throughout without any black residues or negative side effects to the user. Our Oxocan team have spent over 18 months developing the unique recipes for our two new arrivals.

Tranquillity CBD candles

Our unique Tranquillity CBD candles contain 100% natural wax made from coconut and rapeseed oil, hemp oil, CBD oil, English lavender, chamomile, clary sage, and geranium. These are all uniquely combined with the warming node of bergamot which not only smells wonderful but can also help you calm down after a hectic day. This candle will help to create a relaxing atmosphere throughout your home, preparing you for a night of better sleep. 

We recommend that you light this candle before your sleep to allow the fragrance to fill the room with relaxing and tranquil aromas. For the ultimate experience, take 2-3 drops of our premium CBD Oil.

Revitalise CBD candles

Our unique Revitalise CBD candles are 100% natural. The superior wax is made from rapeseed and coconut oil, and nothing else ensures an even, longer, and more effective burn. It is free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax, and any synthetic additives that make it the perfect choice for a contemporary individual.

This unique candle combines beautiful aromas of orange, mandarin, and exotic green bergamot that are laced with herbaceous lavender and chamomile accords. The resulting scent is wonderfully vibrant and helps elevate the mood that sets a sophisticated scene in your home. We recommend that you light this candle after you wake to allow the fragrance to fill the room with uplifting aromas which will ensure to boost your mood and energies during your day.  

Proven benefits of CBD-infused candles

Lighting a CBD-infused candle can help you unwind, relax and even achieve better sleep. It is a well-known fact that different aromas evoke certain emotions in people, which is partly what makes essential oil candles so popular.
CBD candles can offer several additional health and therapeutic benefits, containing safe and natural ingredients. They can be lit in any room to achieve a wonderful and relaxing feeling.

Generally, there are many misconceptions about CBD in that it has intoxicating properties, as it is derived from the cannabis plant. This is not the case at all as CBD contains all the plant’s natural health benefits.

Many studies have been carried out by reputable organisations that show and prove that CBD oil helps with many health issues including, stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation and even sleeping disorders. At Oxocan we know this because we have been using CBD-derived products for many years as part of our daily routine and the results were incredible. 

Hemp oil is ideal for helping promote relaxation, while also being one of the most sustainable materials on the face of our planet.

Oxocan CBD Candles

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